Desmond Vehar

I'm an experienced Software Engineer that loves making an impact and helping others. I've had a breadth of experiences including Backend and Frontend development, and enjoy working with new technologies. I also have a passion for and a proven track record of shaping company culture and developing more equitable hiring practices. Feel free to reach out!

Side Projects

🛒 Amazon Price Per Unit - Chrome Extension (July 2017)

This Chrome extension shows the price per unit (ounce, pound, etc.) for Amazon items where it is not already shown.

🤖 Medal of Honor Info - Amazon Alexa Skill (October 2018)

This simple Alexa skill will return information about a random Medal of Honor recipeient when invoked. I built out an automatted information scrapping pipeline in AWS using Lambda, SQS, and DynamoDB.

🤖 Robinhood - Amazon Alexa Skill (June 2017)

For my 2nd Amazon Alexa skill, I created an Alexa skill that leveraged the unofficial Robinhood API ( to allow users of Robinhood to get account updates such as their news and their account performance for the day. The skill also allows users to fetch quotes for any stock.

🤖 Motivate Me - Amazon Alexa Skill (December 2016)

Motivate Me is a simple but elegant Amazon Alexia Skill that can play motivational quotes. This was my first Alexa project. I used Flickr as my source for images, and several online sources for quotes.

🎉 Snow Image (March 2015)

View Your Favorite Pictures in a colorful “snow”.

🐍 Skittles (2013)

A Snake Variant.